lienable on Me?

The following is an example of what our U.S. Constitution calls an “infringement,” a Law, or regulation that interferes with the independent Liberty of An American by placing a foot in the door of your freedom, and birthright as an American, first to control our inalienable rights, by putting a lien on them first by recognizing our rights, then ascribing conditions were none has been before with an authority never granted or made lienable by any cognisant mechanics. This is an action performed by a group who have successfully corrupted the three underpinnings of what it means to BE an American! The pinnings are that has been corrupted are, 1 what to think, 2 when to think, 3 and how to think! In order to gain unmitigated rule and control over you thee American is to un-Americanize you at the root of your being and thinking. 

   “The right of no person to keep and bear arms in defense of his home, person
   and property, or in aid of the civil power when thereto legally summoned, shall
   be called in question; but nothing herein contained shall be construed to
   justify the practice of carrying concealed weapons.”
    — Colorado Constitution
   Source: Article II, section 13

This un-constitutional infringement is also condemning, both of those responsible for it, and you who abide it! You know you abide it because 10% or less, of you are owners, when at thee onset of American freedom, 90% of Americans where owners! Federal Income tax laws are only jargoned/worded to target those who are federal employees and those who live and worked within federally seeded lands. Today most, but not all abide this taxation tyranny out of pure ignorance, appeasement and fear! But many are no longer abiding this overreaching taxation net. Some go to jail for it, many never see the inside of a court room, but the awakening of Liberty, truth, and the facts surrounding the worlds oppressing entanglements of thee American(a three dimensional thinker) individual are coming to light and into view of each of us, as we feel the effects and realize their consequences to us and our children’s future.

Remedy: The only desirable remedy is a none violent one, as long as We the People acknowledge the Sovereign right to violence as a righteous resort to necessary remedy, and that We the People always possess the capability to meet force with equal and greater force as is our natural right under God’s, and nature’s law. So to achieve a peaceful resolution, is via the the old-book, and History’s lessons, and to absorb and administer their learned education upon our America. So where do We find such truth, and wisdom? The Bible, and books of those who have learned histories hard lessons. Freedom is a hard thing to keep alive, and constant gardening of it is timeless, limitless. How many free capitalist companies, schools and organizations do you know who promote such a targeted remedy? I can name two, I hope there is more, first is the the Heritage Foundation/College, and the other is Orrin Woodward’s LIFE/TEAM business.




Democide: Murder by Government!

The number one cause of death among all human races is democide.(  “the murder of any person or people by a government, including genocidepoliticide, and mass murder.” ) … In total, during the first eighty-eight years of this century, 
almost 170 million men, women, and children have been shot, beaten, tortured,
knifed, burned, starved, frozen, crushed, or worked to death; buried alive,
drowned, hung, bombed, or killed in any other of the myriad ways.There have been 262 million victims of democide in the last century. According to his figures, six times as many people have died from the inflictions of people working for governments than have died in battle.— political scientist R. J. Rummel

You see power corrupts and death is always a popular policy among most political spectrums. These figure don’t even mention or include the fanticide of the unborn, a popular politicly endorsed act by even our American government. Also left off their death list is publicly endorsed death causing drugs, vaccines, of which America is one of the worst offenders. You see government is not our friend, the closest we got to a friendly Govt. was the one our founders left us were the fidelity to thee Oath to the Constitutions of the State and our Federal Govt. was valued. Today cops and other Oath takers enforce Policy and other unconstitutional “law” and no longer filter their duty, function, and performance through thee Oath or the Constitution! Disinformation or the deliberate act of NOT educating our populous to the Constitution and its protecting LAWS has lead to those who blindly take an Oath to which they are 100% ignorant of, and enforce what I see as the destruction of our nation not law, placing the supremacy of a lesser policy and prima facie law over the stronger Constitutional Law. The answer? The education and re-enlightenment of our sheriffs, officers, government representatives, and populous at large is the best solution to the problem at this point. Had this government tried this 150 years ago they would have been all killed and jailed by a raging mob ripe with righteous indignation bent on serving Justice. Yes we are at a war footing in all actuality with our government but they have successfully place so many of our compatriots to sleep as to render the service of Justice non-optional. So if liberty and justice is your desire, self education and re-education of each other, side by side with spiritual truth  is paramount. Orrin Woodward is fulfilling his calling to do just that along with Chris Brady, Tim Marks, Jim Martin and thousands soon millions more of freedom loving, craving people everywhere. Please at any pace weather it takes ten months or ten years Imageengage yourself today!

— American Federation of Police–

‎”There are many Americans who fear for their lives. They know that at some
point, they will have to protect themselves, their own families, and their own
property. Should these people be disarmed? No, we don’t need to disarm our
loyal citizens, our friends, and our neighbors.”

When there are laws on the books that abrogate or infringe upon ones natural birth right despite the Constitutions assurances, there exists sad to say a state of war between the servant who is the State, and the Sovereign who is the People.

TSA a calling tempered by divine oath, or a Jay oh Be

TSA agents working the Metro rail in Houston as Obama’s Gestapo agency moves from sexually molesting passengers in America’s airports to imposing its police state on other modes of transportation.
TSA goon squads at the bus station: police state, here we come.

“Safety” in place of freedom, as if freedom is somehow less precious and safety far more important or even some how the FEDs responsibility when they don’t even control the boarders!! Screw safety give me liberty or death, you can choke on your safety!

Lets be honest this isn’t about safety, its about control and conditioning of the collective psyche of the Nation. If safety was at the heart of their intentions, they would control the boarders and adopt Israels methodology of terror screening.


There is NO same sex Doctrine in the Bible or other Book of Faith!

Same sex marriage is an assault on GOD’S ordained institution and the separation of Church and state notion is OK everywhere else but when the STATE wants to effect and pollute My Faith, and Dilute My Marriage, and the Church’s Marriage Doctrine from an Holy GOD, their all well and Good to do so, this should be struck down based on , it is the state trying to administer doctrine of not only one Church or Faith group, But every single Monotheistic faith on the planet! Truly shocking to contemplate. And to suggest it is a civil right is like forcing ones faith down another’s unwilling throat. If We the People abide this as We have abortion/mass murder, then We deserve Gods Judgement, pray for his Mercy and that he impart His Wisdom on Us.

the depraved State authority reflecting the depraved heart of man

The attacks of freedom are meant to strip your authority as a Citizen, removing your power away into the hands of a impudent State authority, thus the forced mental inoculation of evolution, the debunked evolution religion, trying to remove God from our psyche thus removing God given innate rights from our awareness, and into the sudo possession of the State to give and take away at will or by “policy”. and Police are quick to enforce policy over their sworn Oath which is attached to a Divine authority, the impurter of our innate birthrights, which are above the law, unalienable. Wake up Citizen. these unalienable rights are not bound by political persuasions or allegiance but innate by our very birth from God himself. only a depraved authority could muster a notion contradicting the obvious. Only through legislating God away then waiting years for the affects to allow their depraved action of immoral contrite legislation to pass into acceptance even though they are void on their face and unenforceable by our supreme law our Constitution which is only a partial mirror of the one true and whole law that is of God, ever ready to be enforced by the healed heart of man. So as long as man’s heart is broken and blinded by unconfessed sin with out a Saviour man will suffer tyranny as often as possible from as many sources as possible. Image

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