TSA a calling tempered by divine oath, or a Jay oh Be

TSA agents working the Metro rail in Houston as Obama’s Gestapo agency moves from sexually molesting passengers in America’s airports to imposing its police state on other modes of transportation.
TSA goon squads at the bus station: police state, here we come.

“Safety” in place of freedom, as if freedom is somehow less precious and safety far more important or even some how the FEDs responsibility when they don’t even control the boarders!! Screw safety give me liberty or death, you can choke on your safety!

Lets be honest this isn’t about safety, its about control and conditioning of the collective psyche of the Nation. If safety was at the heart of their intentions, they would control the boarders and adopt Israels methodology of terror screening.



There is NO same sex Doctrine in the Bible or other Book of Faith!

Same sex marriage is an assault on GOD’S ordained institution and the separation of Church and state notion is OK everywhere else but when the STATE wants to effect and pollute My Faith, and Dilute My Marriage, and the Church’s Marriage Doctrine from an Holy GOD, their all well and Good to do so, this should be struck down based on , it is the state trying to administer doctrine of not only one Church or Faith group, But every single Monotheistic faith on the planet! Truly shocking to contemplate. And to suggest it is a civil right is like forcing ones faith down another’s unwilling throat. If We the People abide this as We have abortion/mass murder, then We deserve Gods Judgement, pray for his Mercy and that he impart His Wisdom on Us.

the depraved State authority reflecting the depraved heart of man

The attacks of freedom are meant to strip your authority as a Citizen, removing your power away into the hands of a impudent State authority, thus the forced mental inoculation of evolution, the debunked evolution religion, trying to remove God from our psyche thus removing God given innate rights from our awareness, and into the sudo possession of the State to give and take away at will or by “policy”. and Police are quick to enforce policy over their sworn Oath which is attached to a Divine authority, the impurter of our innate birthrights, which are above the law, unalienable. Wake up Citizen. these unalienable rights are not bound by political persuasions or allegiance but innate by our very birth from God himself. only a depraved authority could muster a notion contradicting the obvious. Only through legislating God away then waiting years for the affects to allow their depraved action of immoral contrite legislation to pass into acceptance even though they are void on their face and unenforceable by our supreme law our Constitution which is only a partial mirror of the one true and whole law that is of God, ever ready to be enforced by the healed heart of man. So as long as man’s heart is broken and blinded by unconfessed sin with out a Saviour man will suffer tyranny as often as possible from as many sources as possible. Image