Leadership is a vital ingredient

Leadership is a vital ingredient, absent to our culture that before so gloriously tempered America against the wicked tendencies attributed to all other form of governance.

Orrin Woodward has proven to me and and tens of thousand of people across the globe of the necessity of that missing ingredient Leadership, and all its vital accompaniments of intellect, wisdom, and understanding, mixed with a hearty triple dose of brutal reality. If we ever become developed enough to be found in the sights of an Orrin Woodward, you better hold on tight. I don’t speak from personal experience but from personal witness of the multitudes who yield to his leadership, myself included.

Perhaps the greatest failure of the We the People experiment is that a collective is not sufficiently capable to sustain personal leadership skills, over the span of Multi-generational gaps with out severe social challenges such as we have at point in time. Or this failure is not a failure but a necessary element of negative to accent our collective experience, placing more desire and value upon Liberty.

As Thomas Jefferson spoke about,Liberty is a tree, requiring the blood, sweat, and tears of both patriots and tyrants in order to live. Are we become to weak to stomach that truth? Will we sacrifice  to the alter of Liberty, or sacrifice all by doing nothing, and lose all to tyranny?

Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, wouldn’t have it. I hope to be counted with them who defy tyranny.


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