A nation of the worst of the worst Israel has some times been, yet God’s eye is everlasting upon them, and who God commands us to honor and bless, so if God will ever stand with Israel, so will I no matter their state. God bless Israel, and all who curse them was never a Christian, because Christ Died for them!


Anyone ask the docs about putting her in hyperbaric chamber ?

Prayer and action

How many times has Gods People throughout time gone on thee assault? Why is it now preached that a flat coarse of status quo of so called Christian living the only option? Why did Jesus command to buy a sword? Why are we to abide and Govt acting out of bounds of their Oath and enumerated Powers? How many applications could you rightly apply to the “falling away”. It is truly Apostic for Christians to abide such wickedness, and contrite governance opposite of Biblical government, thee only government ordained of God.Image

We the People solely apart from any Government won the Romans 13 establishment ordination authority. And it is that established Republic govt that was ordained of God. Has God ordained your capitulation to wickedness and tyranny? Christians have all the power and logistical wherewithal to overthrow their own apostasy which has manifested into a tyrannical government! Prayer and action, the same remedy which won our American Independence from Britain. There’s no Biblical reason America has to go the way of the rest of the cured “World”. America should be thee exception, not the well of corruption. Prayer and action. 

Indiana State Senator: “I Will Decide What’s Constitutional, Not You”

On Jan. 7, Indiana Sen. Phil Boots introduced SB0230. The proposed legislation finds “the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the federal Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 are inconsistent with the power granted to the federal government in the Constitution of the United States,” and would make enforcement of Obamacare in Indiana a felony.  Indiana State Senator David Long Long and like-minded “legal experts” insist the Indiana legislature cannot nullify the PPACA because of the Supremacy Clause in the Constitution. Boldin says they ignore the key phrase in the clause. Only acts “in pursuance of” the Constitution stand up as supreme!

Long’s version of the supremacy clause reads like most liberals – laws passed in pursuance of the Constitution, and whatever the hell else Congress wants to pass, are supreme,” 

The Constitution is a unilateral contract directing what We the People expect from those who subservient  themselves to the rest of Us We the People, it wasn’t written in  hard to understand legal ease, or jargon, it was written so that the Lay folk of America knew when to correct their country from usurpation, and no public official or even a Judge has the right or power to dictate to We the People what Our Own Letter of governing Order says, means or to pontificate upon it at all. And I reject laws written by usurpatory fellows or madams that grant themselves special leverages for avoiding justice or safety from justice. If anyone is above the Law, it shall be the People over the government. Read the Declaration of Independence all power is in the People and they have the right to remedy with Justification all tyrannous and usurpatory actions, and laws. For this neophyte Indiana State Senator David Long  to declare unto himself  any understanding of his marching orders, and parameters of performance superior to that of his Sovereign the People of Indiana  is tyrannous indeed worthy of a firing squad penalty . The tail cannot be allowed to wag the Dog.  Imagine a pyramid of descending authority, on top is God or natures laws for you Godless folk, below that is Us, We the People, on the very bottom were the scum is , is government, who is supposed to be in utter subjection to those above it. And any thought, deed, or action of its ascension from it’s lowly state, is purely wicked evil and contemptuous, a tyrannical sin, where no mercy, grace, or forgiveness can be afforded to be weight out, but no quarter for the traitor is a Godly and Natural consequence so that all under the sun and stars who serve the Public trust with with Honor may take heed, and beware not to tread on their Sovereign.


“Thomas Jefferson said when the federal government oversteps its constitutionally delegated powers, nullification is the rightful remedy. He and James Madison both insisted that the Supreme Court does not make the final determination on the extent of federal power.

Liberty is a Jealous Lady , she will leave you if your unfaithful to her.

The Declaration of Independence does not have a sunset clause, or an expiration date, it is a legal document in perpetual effect giving the freedom and liberty aspiring people the majority rule by default regardless of any numerical adversaries. One man has the legal, and natural right to wage any efforts to secure his liberty from any foe of any sort, regardless of assumed powers or assumed authorities, especially when that sort no longer abides Liberty…

Lady Liberty Card

Thee above reflects Lady Liberty relieved of her post and duties from an unfaithful sort, seeking another whom  may abide her.

Dereliction of the Faithful/Confession

  • Christians came to this continent to be free to worship God, then these Christians ran this continent, the biggest fault with the Constitution was “freedom of religion”, it should have read freedom from evil, atheism, freedom to hear the gospel, but religion is a amalgamation of the worst of humanity when Faith is the best we have to offer, and protection of faith in legislative form rarely exist, if it did, there would be no licensures for Christians, we would be free from it all, to enjoy all God has made to go and come as we feel lead, without threat of police actions for frivolous infractions of extra constitutional laws and regulations. Christ said no he asked who is to be TAXED? they said the traveler or foreigners and Christ said then the children are free, or the nation citizens are exempt, to be unmolested, yet because that was not his fight but was to be ours, he paid it NOT FROM HIS PURSE but from outside coffers, the fish’s mouth, if Christ agreed with over taxations He would have paid it from His purse. Paying taxes may be needful, but living for a third of your life to finance them with usury is oppression many fold worthy of revolution, and reformation as the Declaration of Independence, a legal Document in full effect, recognizes all humanity’s right to, without ambiguity!
     If all Americans believed that “these truths are self evident” We the People wouldn’t be treated like use the sheeple! Ruled by thee inferiors, and Godless dregs of so called privileged elite.Image The dereliction is to prayer and belief or believing in God to be and do  according to prayer. We are His Knights of Salvation, we have failed to draw our swords. Image
    Lamentations 3

    21 This I recall to my mind, therefore have I hope.

    22 It is of the LORD’S mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not.

    23 They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.

    24 The LORD is my portion, saith my soul; therefore will I hope in him


    Psalm 51:12 

    Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation; and uphold me with thy free spirit.


Multiple Choice

My in-boxes, my FB wall all inundated with the tripe that is this administration. Nobody approves, or agrees with them in Washington, and the minority who do never can articulate a Constitutionally compliant, legally compliant or morally compliant argument which unveils their utter desire for their death culture to prevail. 85% of doctors threaten to leave the medical field altogether if Obamacaere isn’t repealed! And those morons in Washington say ” can’t we just move on?” How utterly out of touch they are. OBcare will destroy the medical field, Holder will destroy the gun rights, they all together destroy Americans in the womb, allow GMO to attack our population itself. This is a recipe for______________?
A. Communism.
B. Fascism.
C. Global population reduction.
D. Civil War.
E. All of the above.
F. The Rapture.