Romans 13 Divine establishment ordination

Romans 13.,,, Government is established by the Lord, but guess who the government is in America? We the People.These days we have our servants working a coup de ta,(vie color of Law) so guess what that means? We the People have Gods ordination to remedy the situation as He leads; Let me tell you how, because We the People are that ordained Government, the apparatus we set up [Local,State&Federal Government] is not. We are. They are the Rebels We are the Sovereign.

“In free governments the rulers are the servants and the people their superiors and sovereigns.”
– Benjamin Franklin

The Fed is in complete Rebellion against their Sovereign; Us, We the People. They’ve dumbed down society enough to pass laws that subvert Our Authority, but its a blind act, a paper tiger. The Founders knew this was a possible hazard, that is why they structured the Constitution and the Declaration so, putting We the People as the head, and since their efforts we’re rewarded with success and total achievement of their goals was realized, it is deemed that God himself permitted it so; thus We the People have that Romans 13 Divine establishment ordination. So don’t let some one who calls them self the clergy tell you in that horrible day of national distress [Katrina New Orleans], that you have to obey orders from a agent of the rebellious apparatus because of Roman 13. It is not the apparatus/the Fed, who won our Liberty from England, or who wrote the founding laws of liberty, our Constitution, it was We the People who solely apart from any Government who won the Romans 13 establishment ordination authority. 

I fear God has revoked our Authority and has entered us into another phase of his timing.


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