the depraved State authority reflecting the depraved heart of man

The attacks of freedom are meant to strip your authority as a Citizen, removing your power away into the hands of a impudent State authority, thus the forced mental inoculation of evolution, the debunked evolution religion, trying to remove God from our psyche thus removing God given innate rights from our awareness, and into the sudo possession of the State to give and take away at will or by “policy”. and Police are quick to enforce policy over their sworn Oath which is attached to a Divine authority, the impurter of our innate birthrights, which are above the law, unalienable. Wake up Citizen. these unalienable rights are not bound by political persuasions or allegiance but innate by our very birth from God himself. only a depraved authority could muster a notion contradicting the obvious. Only through legislating God away then waiting years for the affects to allow their depraved action of immoral contrite legislation to pass into acceptance even though they are void on their face and unenforceable by our supreme law our Constitution which is only a partial mirror of the one true and whole law that is of God, ever ready to be enforced by the healed heart of man. So as long as man’s heart is broken and blinded by unconfessed sin with out a Saviour man will suffer tyranny as often as possible from as many sources as possible. Image


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