Prayer and action

How many times has Gods People throughout time gone on thee assault? Why is it now preached that a flat coarse of status quo of so called Christian living the only option? Why did Jesus command to buy a sword? Why are we to abide and Govt acting out of bounds of their Oath and enumerated Powers? How many applications could you rightly apply to the “falling away”. It is truly Apostic for Christians to abide such wickedness, and contrite governance opposite of Biblical government, thee only government ordained of God.Image

We the People solely apart from any Government won the Romans 13 establishment ordination authority. And it is that established Republic govt that was ordained of God. Has God ordained your capitulation to wickedness and tyranny? Christians have all the power and logistical wherewithal to overthrow their own apostasy which has manifested into a tyrannical government! Prayer and action, the same remedy which won our American Independence from Britain. There’s no Biblical reason America has to go the way of the rest of the cured “World”. America should be thee exception, not the well of corruption. Prayer and action. 


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