TSA a calling tempered by divine oath, or a Jay oh Be

TSA agents working the Metro rail in Houston as Obama’s Gestapo agency moves from sexually molesting passengers in America’s airports to imposing its police state on other modes of transportation.
TSA goon squads at the bus station: police state, here we come.

“Safety” in place of freedom, as if freedom is somehow less precious and safety far more important or even some how the FEDs responsibility when they don’t even control the boarders!! Screw safety give me liberty or death, you can choke on your safety!

Lets be honest this isn’t about safety, its about control and conditioning of the collective psyche of the Nation. If safety was at the heart of their intentions, they would control the boarders and adopt Israels methodology of terror screening.



One thought on “TSA a calling tempered by divine oath, or a Jay oh Be

  1. Reblogged this on livingintentionaly and commented:
    I think the ultimate goal is to condition people, in Nicaragua, where I grew up, we were used to seeing rifles in the hands of military personnel even during peace time. Once we moved in to the communist state everyone was used to seeing that and it really didn’t matter, you can tune it out and go about your life, you could make sure not to ever speak your mind always speak respectfully of those in power to preserve your life and that of your family. I came here for freedom, this is not the freedom I signed up for, but I am willing to stand for freedom and when I’ve done all to stand I will continue standing, just as I would for my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. We have to stand before is too late. History repeats it self when a nation forgets it, this nation has forgotten history. My grandfather, who loved and fought for this country, told me when we came to the USA, If Communism and Tyranny comes to this country, there is no place else to go. You see he was from Cuba and he had traveled the world during WWII and after that as a business man, he knew the United States of America is the best country in the world, it still is, but it would take a lot of standing!

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