Multiple Choice

My in-boxes, my FB wall all inundated with the tripe that is this administration. Nobody approves, or agrees with them in Washington, and the minority who do never can articulate a Constitutionally compliant, legally compliant or morally compliant argument which unveils their utter desire for their death culture to prevail. 85% of doctors threaten to leave the medical field altogether if Obamacaere isn’t repealed! And those morons in Washington say ” can’t we just move on?” How utterly out of touch they are. OBcare will destroy the medical field, Holder will destroy the gun rights, they all together destroy Americans in the womb, allow GMO to attack our population itself. This is a recipe for______________?
A. Communism.
B. Fascism.
C. Global population reduction.
D. Civil War.
E. All of the above.
F. The Rapture.





One thought on “Multiple Choice

  1. jimcolomas says:

    GMO foods being fed the U.S. population that it’s effects will render us sterile in the 5th generation, combined with the 9-30 million muslims here, and Obama’s plan to bring in 100million more we the original American will have been eliminated.

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